Camp isn’t just for the summer!


In addition to summer camp sessions, The Pines offer programs that help to change lives and refresh souls during the school year. During this time, 8+ missionaries live on camp in community as they lead retreats and guide retreatants closer to the Lord. Our team aims to not simply teach the retreatants what can simply be found in books, but to bring them out of the ordinary, even just for a few days. In leaving the concrete jungle of the city and addiction of technology, kids (and adults!) are encouraged to wonder at God’s creation in the piney woods and sit under the beauty of the countless stars.



Retreats and rentals may be booked up to 13 months in advance. To book, either call our campsite (903-845-5834) or email our camp administrative assistant, Gretchen Garey, by clicking the button below.

As your retreat draws closer, you will be emailed release forms as well as a pre-arrival questionnaire. These forms are essential for us to accommodate you for your time at camp.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!


Types of Retreats

Confirmation Retreats

This three day retreat prepares those about to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation by focusing on prayer, forgiveness, community involvement, and the fruits and gifts of the Holy Spirit. These experiences of the Holy Spirit are custom-designed with the group leader to meet the individual needs of your group. Mass is a wonderful part of the experience and we can set up reconciliation to allow the young people to experience healing as well.  For a dynamic experience we can add our ropes course programming, and process how stepping outside of our comfort zone can allow us to live those gifts we receive. Contact the Camp Office for assistance with custom-designing your next Confirmation Retreat.

$120 per child
$115 per adult chaperone
Includes 5 meals, programming, and housing

Awakening Retreats

Looking for a great way for your eighth graders or high school students to experience Jesus?  The Awakening retreat is a three day experience that challenges students to a deeper appreciation and understanding of their faith, and allows them to come to know Jesus in a new way. Along the way there is an opportunity to experience the challenge course, and see how stretching young people beyond comfort can lead to a greater appreciation of their role in the Church. Contact the Camp Office for assistance with custom-designing your next Middle School or High School Awakening.

$155 per child
$115 per adult chaperone
Includes 6 meals and low ropes + challenge course (or high ropes) and housing

Leadership Retreats

The leadership retreat experience at The Pines is designed to shape the young people to see their role in the church. The young people come to know Jesus is a deeper way through experiential learning and through the witness of the missionaries. This brings to them to an awareness that we are being called to be servant leaders as Jesus was. The three day experience is custom designed with our camp staff to fulfill your goals. Contact the Camp Office for assistance with custom-designing your next Leadership Retreat. Opportunities to experience the challenge course (double zip line, climbing wall, and our low ropes team building exercises) is included.

3 days, 2 nights
$155 per child
$115 per adult chaperone
Includes 6 meals and challenge course (high ropes + low ropes, and zip line) plus housing

Environmental Education

This experiential learning model is designed for upper elementary students to have hands-on activities in nature, and see God’s glory in His creation. Environmental Education (EE) covers principles of religion, science, math, language and history. EE is also designed to enrich and enhance the current classroom curriculum through teaching in an outdoor classroom setting.

Classes include forestry, archaeology, limnology, meteorology, entomology, orienteering, and solar energy. We integrate the teachings of the Church, saint stories and scripture study to enhance the knowledge of the students and open eyes to see how God is at work in our environment. Mass for the groups is celebrated upon request as well. Opportunity to experience the double zip line.

4 days, 3 nights
$195 per child
$145 per adult chaperone
Includes 10 meals, challenge course (high ropes + climbing wall), t-shirt, and housing

Day Retreats

We do offer a 7 hour day retreat which is $45 per person and includes lunch and programming. It does not include activities.


The Pines has facilities available for rental to any group, including churches, schools, scouts, YMCA and YWCA groups, and others. Rent the entire campsite or just the facilities that your groups would like to use. Please discuss your schedule and options with one of our directors when you book your reservations.


Foundation Lodges, Grotto Cabins, and Mini Lodges (all climate controlled): $20/night/person
Please contact us if you have a preferred lodging location

Food Service
Breakfast: $6/person
Lunch: $7/person
Dinner: $8/person

Priest Stipend

$75 for Mass or for two hours of ministry. $75 for Confession. Please book 3-4 weeks in advance.

Challenge Course

High AND Low Elements: $25/person
High OR Low Elements: $15/person


$30 per guard for 2 hours
1 guard to every 25 people at the pool
1 guard to every 10 people at the lake

Target Sports

$15/person/day for one activity
$25/person/day for both activities


$3 per person