SPOPS Positions

The SPOPS team at The Pines Catholic Camp keeps specific areas of camp running efficiently while being an example of Jesus’ love and joy to campers. The individuals that make up the SPOPS team work in a specific area of camp such as dining hall, health center, arts & crafts, camp store, office, maintenance, and more as a vital part of The Pines ministry. Throughout the summer this team prays together, supports each other, and works countless hours to glorify God in this ministry.

Requirements: Completed at least one year of college (by Summer 2019)
Commitment: Full summer

Communications Team (filled)

  • Works with Marketing Director on photos, videos, and cataloging media for marketing purposes

  • Takes upwards of 300 photos daily and uploads them nightly

  • Produces and uploads video updates throughout the week and develops “Lip Dub” type videos for public consumption

  • Writes regular blogs for parents

  • Helps create staff nametags, staff photos, and produces an end-of-year video for staff

  • Must have experience in video production/editing

Power Club Coordinator (filled)

  • Sets up evening programming with Village Coordinators

  • Works on Power Club to create amazing high energy programming

  • Leads activities and supervises stayover campers on a rotating basis

  • Works at night to ensure showers are moving efficiently and lights are out on time

  • Assists Music Minister with Mass and Sacristan duties

Kitchen Team

  • Works with food service manager to prepare and serve each meal, as well as helping to keep the dining hall clean

  • Creates a relational ministry with campers while serving food

  • Helps with laundry runs on Fridays

Arts & Crafts Coordinator (filled)

  • Leads all arts & crafts activities throughout the day with the assistance of counselors

  • Creates new arts & crafts activities

  • Makes sure supplies for arts & crafts and cooking remain stocked

  • Manages office phones and Friday laundry

Camp Store Assistant/Nanny (filled)

  • Works with camp store manager to prepare store each day for Paradise

  • Assists camp store manager in camp store during store hours

  • Uses online database to enter account information for campers

  • Helps campers in the store with their purchases

  • Works with Camp Store Manager on childcare when needed

Health Center Coordinator (filled)

  • Works with the nurse to care for sick campers

  • Assists nurse with medication administration

  • Helps nurse manage health center including inventory, forms for campers, managing information, and more

Office Manager/Lost and Found (filled)

  • Manages office supplies, phones, and office cleanliness

  • Assists Camp Store Manager with camp store cards

  • Assists all senior staff with office help

  • Manages lost and found by organizing daily and returning items when possible

  • Collects all lost and found at end of week and bring to All Camp Meeting