Senior Staff Positions

All senior staff positions have been filled for Summer 2019.

The Senior Staff team is meant for those experienced individuals that feel a calling to serve God by leading their peers. The goal for the Senior Staff team is to help staff lead young people in faith, fun, and friendship. The senior staff prayerfully ministers to the staff, helps plan the programming of the summer, and shapes the mission of camp by their servant leadership. Applicants must also send a cover letter to John Egan (

Head Female

  • Advises, oversees, and disciples the Female Staff

  • Acts as a liaison between the counselors and the Senior Staff

  • Responsible for coordinating Female Staff meetings

  • Works with Head Male to plan night prayer for staff

Head Male

  • Advises, oversees, and disciples the Male Staff

  • Acts as a liaison between the counselors and the Senior Staff

  • Coordinates Male Staff meetings

  • Works with Head Female to plan night prayer for staff

Fire Village Coordinator

  • Leads all programming for Fire Village (campers in grades 8-12), including Morning Prayer and SNL

  • Leads Teen Week

  • Creates the drama skit for Thursday nights

Branch Village Coordinator

  • Responsible for all programming in the Branch Village (campers in grades 6-7), including Morning Prayer and BSNAPs

Water Village Coordinator

  • Responsible for all programming in the Water Village (campers in grades 2-5), including Morning Prayer and God Sightings

Activities Coordinator

  • Schedules which activities occur when, how many campers can be in them, counselor assignments, making sure they have all the supplies they needed

  • Assists in Frunday coordination, Messy Wars and Carnival

Programs Coordinator

  • Oversees Theme Team on the planning and executing of all-camp night activities and skits

  • Leads Frunday programming, Messy Wars and Carnival

SPOPS Coordinator

  • Supervises SPOPS member specifically assigned to communication on a daily basis to help take and sort photos, sort mail, print emails, etc.

  • Leads SPOPS bonding and spiritual growth through discipleship

  • Manages, schedules, and supervises all SPOPS team

SWAT Coordinator

  • Supervises the SWAT Team, a team of 12-15 college students, who do work such as maintenance, office, kitchen, activities, etc.

  • Writes their very specific schedules and helps them with work

  • Facilitates team bonding and developing in their faith

  • Takes inventory of needs each week and create work projects for the team

Logistics Coordinator

  • Responsible for many areas of camp problem solving

  • Lead teams counselors, SWAT, and SPOPS to assist programming needs of camp

  • Take care of evening details including shower schedules, camper medication efficiency, facility set-up and take-down, and inter-team communication

  • Must have working knowledge of a willingness to learn sound/video set-up and take-down

  • 21+ years of age with camp experience