Missionary Staff

The Missionary Staff at The Pines Catholic Camp are the core of our year-round ministry. These young adults are the ones who share our vision to empower individuals to lead a passionate Christ-centered life, with thousands of youth in East Texas. They have a desire to foster a deeper awareness of Jesus in the lives of others, the church, and the world.

The Missionary Staff experience at The Pines Catholic Camp involves living in a Catholic community, collaborating with others to implement spirit filled retreats and programs, contributing to the needs of the camp to support the mission, all while growing in holiness with each other through prayer and the sacraments.

The daily responsibilities include, but are not limited to: leading Confirmation, Awakening, and Leadership retreats for 8th grade through high school students including facilitating and processing within our Challenge Course. Also, teaching Environmental Education-experiential program designed for upper elementary students to have hands on activities in nature. Our team a wonderful relationship with the Catholic Church, and are committed to growing in personal prayer, sacrifice and sharing in community prayer.

The missionaries receive room and board, a bi-monthly salary, benefits package, and opportunities for spiritual and personal growth. Each individual commits to a 9 month period from late August to mid-May along with a opportunities to be a part of our summer camp ministry as well to follow.


If you are interested in employment for the 2018-2019 or 2019-2020 school year,
please email your resume to 

Applicants must be 21 or older.
You must also have 3 references complete the Missionary Staff Reference Form.
Direct your references to
http://bit.ly/pinesmissionaryreference to submit the form.